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Cordovan Leather

Cordovan leather comes from a small area on the horse rump. The tanning and finishing process for Cordovan leather is labor-intensive and time-consuming. This meticulous process contributes to the leather's luxurious qualities. It's often referred to as the "diamond of leathers" in Japan. The production of Cordovan leather is limited, and it comes from a small number of specialized tanneries. This exclusivity contributes to its high cost and prestige in the market.

Cow Hide

We use a wide variety of Japanese and Italian cowhide leather. A common leather we use for wallets and belts is a Japanese made saddle leather that is made from the best part of the animal (around the rump of the cow). This area creates a very dense and high quality leather. The saddle leather tanning process is long and uses more oil compared to other cowhides. The end result has a more natural appearance that will develop a rich patina, adding more character and beauty. 

Natural Dyes

Japan has a rich history of using natural dyes in traditional textile arts. Engaging in these practices can provide a sense of continuity with cultural heritage and artistic traditions, adding depth and meaning to the process of creating clothing. We feel that natural dyes are good for the soul. The slower, more deliberate pace of natural dyeing encourages a connection to the creative process. Wearing fabrics that are naturally dyed can be a mindful experience, offering a sense of connection to the natural world.


All of the buckles and metal hardware we use are made in Japan. The majority of buckles are made from solid brass. There are also a few pewter options available with a custom request. Because we have access to a seemingly endless variety of styles and sizes, it is difficult to showcase them all on our website. If you see a style of buckle in the gallery or on our social media that's not listed as an option on our website, please contact us about a custom request. 

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