Natural Kakishibu Loopwheel T-Shirt

Natural Kakishibu Loopwheel T-Shirt

- Collaboration with Japanese clothing brand “Old but Gold”

- Ecru cotton loopwheel t-shirt

- Hand dyed natural Kakishibu

S, M, L size available

Measurements in photos

I’m wearing a size medium in the picture

(5’10 / 165lbs)

*Depending on stock/weather the shirts can take 2-3 weeks to make and ship. If you have any questions please contact us.

Each shirt is individually dyed in a natural, organic kakishibu bath. The process involves multiple days of soaking in the liquid dye and hanging to dry in the shade. After the shirt has dried in the sun it is then moved into direct sunlight to activate the tannins in the dye. This process is repeated many times to achieve the golden-brown color.

Because it’s natural kakishibu… can continue to darken the shirt if you wish. Just soak in water and let dry in direct sunlight.

* Natural dye will vary in color from shirt to shirt. Please use the pictures as a general reference.